Your support can have a huge impact in alleviating the stress and anxiety families across the country face on their childhood cancer journey.
95% of all money raised for Hand in Hand goes directly towards service costs for the families.
As of 2019, the SSNO are covering the salary costs for both fulltime members of staff at the Charity. The Scheme to Support National Organisations (SSNO) is funded by the Government of Ireland through the Department of Rural and Community Development.
A very kind benefactor covers 100% of the Charity’s rent, therefore most of Hand in Hand’s overheads are covered. This means you can rest assured that your donations are going directly towards helping families affected by childhood cancer.
What our services mean for families-

Domestic Cleaning

For our families it is all too common to be woken in the night by a child spiking a fever; have to grab a few essentials (if there’s time) and race to the hospital where they may spend days or even weeks getting some infection or other under control. What could be worse than eventually returning home to have to face the dusting, vacuuming, mopping etc that was left behind? Our regular household cleaning service means parents don’t have to give this a thought, and when they do get home they can relax a while before the next storm hits. These services can simply help with the practicalities of life. They can alleviate some of the stress and pressure that is inherent with the diagnosis and treatment of childhood cancer. They can reassure parents that there is still some element of stability to their family. For some, they can simply offer a few precious moments, precious memories.


The main treatment for all childhood cancers takes place in Dublin so many families are faced with extensive travel. There are often other children at home whose lives need to continue; who need to get to school and back; who need help with homework; who should still be able to go to swimming lessons; football practice; dance class; all of these things and more. Our childcare service means that these normal daily activities can continue and some sense of normality remains for the rest of the family. It also gives parents the reassurance that their other children are safely looked after while they travel to and from treatment or spend time away from home during hospital admissions. We have often found that parents face a huge burden of guilt, on top of the fear and anxiety inherent with the diagnosis of childhood cancer because they feel that they are not able to give enough time to other members of the family.

Child Care


The Irish weather is never too helpful in getting the washing dry! Imagine if you’d been away from home in hospital for days and the clothes and sheets and towels hadn’t even been washed! Will there even be enough time to get the essentials done before you’re off again on the next journey to Crumlin? How will you get the other children’s school uniforms ready for the next day? Worst of all, how can you leave that sick child’s side to concentrate on the mundane chores that demand your attention? Hand in Hand will arrange for the local laundrette to take care of it so that all the family has to do is call in and collect.


Family Meals:

Heading back from Dublin, no shopping done, maybe a child with a ferocious appetite from being on steroids. Hand in Hand provide a range of options to keep the family fed including meals in a local café to delivery from a local supermarket. One less thing to worry about, one less demand on your time, more precious moments with the family when every moment counts.