To see every family who has a child diagnosed with cancer provided with a tailor-made package of home support throughout their treatment journey.

To see a support centre that provides a comprehensive range of emotional support services that include, counselling, play therapy, peer support groups and complimentary therapies.


The mission of Hand in Hand is to alleviate, as much as is possible, the stress and anxiety that is inherent with a diagnosis of childhood cancer. It is to provide a comprehensive range of practical and emotional support services to all affected families throughout their child’s treatment.


Hand in Hand respects all those involved with the work of the charity, including service users, supporters and volunteers, donors and funders, service providers and staff. We value accountability and strive to maintain full compliance with regulation and best practice. We will operate with efficiency to make the best use of the resources of the charity. All members of the organisation will act with professionalism to maintain the reputation of Hand in Hand. We will operate to ensure the safety of all involved in the activities of the charity. We strive to deliver high quality services to families that address the individuality of each families’ needs. We value growth to enable our services to extend to all affected families and to increase the level and type of services offered. Finally, we highly value empowerment, providing the necessary support to empower families to cope with the diagnosis and treatment they face.