Hand in Hand provides family meal services around the country with the help of local services, supermarket vouchers, and online meal delivery services. Once a family requires help with meals, the Charity works with the family to find the best solution for their needs. Hand in Hand provide their services in every county in the Republic of Ireland.

How do families avail of Hand in Hand’s services?

Typically, families are referred to Hand in Hand by medical and social care staff at Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Crumlin. All Hand in Hand services are free of charge to families throughout the Republic of Ireland with a child undergoing cancer treatment. Families are always welcome to contact the Charity directly with enquiries on setting up services. Contact Jennifer Carpenter, the service manager by emailing sarah@handinhand.ie or call 091 880 360.

Having meals delivered means there is always something waiting for us when we come home from hospital visits. No more worries about having to stop and shop on the way with a sick child in the car. (Gerard, Clare)

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