Hand in Hand provides domestic cleaning services around the country with the help of local cleaning companies. Once a family requires help with cleaning, the Charity employs local cleaning companies in their vicinity to carry out the work. Hand in Hand provide their services in every county in the Republic of Ireland.

How do families avail of Hand in Hand’s services?

Typically, families are referred to Hand in Hand by medical and social care staff at Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Crumlin. All Hand in Hand services are free of charge to families throughout the Republic of Ireland with a child undergoing cancer treatment. Families are always welcome to contact the Charity directly with enquiries on setting up services. Contact Jennifer Carpenter, the service manager by emailing sarah@handinhand.ie or call 091 880 360.

Domestic Cleaning

This service is invaluable, childhood cancer does not just affect the diagnosed child, it affects the whole family, close and extended. When life is messy at least your house isn’t and that’s where you need to feel safe. The accumulation of things that never seem to get done build over time to become overwhelming and Hand in Hand help to prevent the stress from escalating out of control. (Tracey, Dublin)

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