At Hand in Hand we pride ourselves in running the Charity with a lean team to minimize operating costs. The Hand in Hand team includes two full-time members of staff, a part-time in-house play therapist, and a voluntary Board of Directors

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Sarah Geoghegan

Sarah Geoghegan

Sarah is the Services and Operations Manager at Hand in Hand. Sarah is responsible for the Governance and Operational Management of the Charity. Sarah also coordinates all services and supports provided to the families and oversees the running of the Charity on a daily basis. Prior to joining Hand in Hand Sarah had extensive experience in Operations Management, Advocacy and Community Development.

Lesley Kehoe

Lesley is the Fundraising and Development Officer at Hand in Hand. She is responsible for maximising income through grant funding, third party fundraisers and events, while also looking after communications and marketing. She works closely with community groups, businesses, and organisations to raise awareness of Hand in Hand.  Lesley is passionate about ensuring that the continued support for the vital services we provide is secured.

Denise Gordon

Denise is the Charity’s newest team member, and is the Play Therapist at Hand in Hand. Denise works with children affected by Childhood cancer at Hand in Hand’s support centre in Loughrea. Denise has extensive experience in Play Therapy and working with children. For more information on Play Therapy please click here.


Margaret Parkinson and kindly look after Hand in Hand’s financial matters.

The Board

Paula Carroll (Chairperson)
Paula Carroll (Chairperson)
Michael Coughlin
Jude Sibley
Miriam Barrett