We’ve made it as easy as possible to donate to Hand in Hand.
You can make a donation online via our donation page, by lodging or transferring money to our bank account or by cheque/postal order via post.

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Account name: Hand in Hand CLG
Bank: AIB
IBAN: IE89 AIBK 9374 3630 9670 01

Make any cheques or postal orders payable to Hand in Hand and post them to:
Hand in Hand,
8 Bride Street,
Loughrea, Co. Galway,
H62 HR77

Hand in Hand can now claim back money from your donations thanks to the tax relief program. Any taxpayer who donates €250 (this can be a once of donation of €250 or made up of a number of donations that equal €250) or more in a year can 1) fill out a form if they are a PAYE worker and allow the charity to reclaim the tax or 2) claim the tax themselves if they are Self-Assessed or Corporate Donors.


The government has recently changed updated the rules relating to tax back for charities, by setting the rate that all charities are able to claim back at 31% regardless of what personal tax rate the donor is paying.
The Revenue Commissioners have also changed the forms they use to claim back this tax. The CHY4 form is an annual declaration and needs to be completed every year similar to the old CHY2.
The CHY3 form is a declaration for the next five years. Hand in Hand will send the amount of your donation for each year directly to the Revenue Commissioners once they equal €250 or greater.
We have provided both options but would respectfully suggest the CHY3 form as the best option as it will save significant admin and postage costs for Hand in Hand and will save you the time associated with completing and retuning the form to us.
If you are a PAYE taxpayer please take a few minutes to download and fill out one of these forms
After you complete your form, simply send it to:
Hand in Hand,
8 Bride Street,
Loughrea, Co. Galway,
H62 HR77

Self-Assessed: If you are self-assessed and you donate over €250 in one tax year to Hand in Hand we will send you a receipt for your donation. When you fill out your tax return, deduct the donation amount from the tax relief on donations.
Corporate Donor: If a company makes a donation of €250 to Hand in Hand, the company can claim a deduction for the donation as if it were a trading expense. The company benefits from the relief.