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Emotional Support

We provide play therapy, counseling, and more from the point of diagnosis onwards in a caring and supportive environment.

Get the Support You Need

We recognise the impact of a child’s cancer diagnosis on the entire family. Hand in Hand’s accredited play therapist provides play therapy to children with cancer and their siblings, helping them to cope with a worrying and frightening time. We provide adult counselling services through Helplink, both in-person and online, while also facilitating support groups for parents throughout Ireland.

Play Therapy

Play therapy allows a child time, and space to play out and express their feelings through their most natural method of communication; play. Sessions, by appointment only, are 40 minutes long and are non-directive and non- investigative in nature, whereby the child leads the session and the therapist follows. The new playroom within our centre holds the play therapy ‘tool kit’ which includes sand, clay, puppets, role play, art materials, therapeutic stories, creative visualisations and music/movement.

The aim is that when the child feels comfortable they will begin to express the negative or difficult emotions through their play, the therapist is able to track and observe what is happening and gently guide the child when necessary.  The therapist provides the space which allows the child to play as they need to with as few limits as possible but as many as necessary (for physical and emotional safety). All play therapy sessions are confidential, details of the sessions shall only be disclosed in line with child protection procedures.


As of 2020, Hand in Hand is pleased to provide adult counselling for parents across the country. Face-to-face counselling is available in the West of Ireland, and secure online counselling support is available in the rest of the country.

Benefits of counselling:

  • Better expression and management of emotions, including anxiety and fear
  • Relief from depression, anxiety or other mental health conditions.
  • Ability to cope better with challenging circumstances.

Information & Support

Families and the wider public are welcome to contact the Charity with any queries and we shall endeavor to provide answers where we can; and alternatively direct people to appropriate supports if outside our remit. With more than a decade of experience in childhood cancer support, Hand in Hand is recognized as an expert in our field and this is reflected in our reputation nationwide. Our expertise is utilized to inform national steering groups and working parties on an ongoing basis.

How we can help!

Hand in Hand is there from the very start, looking after the ordinary while families deal with extraordinary circumstances. By partnering with local professional service providers for essential services, we aim to help alleviate some of the stress and anxiety that accompanies a cancer diagnosis and treatment. We offer a range of support and assistance so that no family in Ireland has to face cancer alone.

Practical Support

From household cleaning to family meal services, our practical support services ensure the little things are looked after when a child is diagnosed with cancer so families can focus on the big things like treatment, wellbeing and spending time together. 

Emotional Support

Children and their families often require emotional support through the difficult times a cancer diagnosis brings. We provide play therapy, counselling and more from the point of diagnosis onwards in a caring and supportive environment.

Get Involved

Your involvement, support and donations can have a huge impact on the lives of children with cancer and their families across Ireland. Money raised is used to fund our essential services so any support you can offer is much appreciated. 

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Omni Park Shopping Centre, Swords Rd, Whitehall, Dublin 9, Ireland

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